Press release: ClaiObserver extends observability solution with intelligent MLOps capabilities

El Segundo, CA, USA, October 24, 2022: Observability software provider NexClipper Inc. introduces new intelligent feature package called “MetricOps” for their SaaS solution. MetricOps allows for proactive and automated incident management and resolution based on alerts for cloud-native and hybrid environments. Additionally, NexClipper is working on extending this service with MLOps capabilities to include machine-learning-based functionalities, using the Bayesian Belief Network.

The complete MLOps functionalities available with NexClipper’s Observability SaaS will comprise of an AlertHub with notification support for Prometheus alerts and an Anomaly Detector based on alert rules for incident prediction. Additionally, an Incident Manager and Resolution Advisor help with investigating and resolving incidents. NexClipper’s OSS sudoRy, an executer for Kubernetes APIs, Helm commands, and HTTP services within Kubernetes clusters, is also part of the ecosystem to add capabilities for auto-execution of pre-defined resolution actions.

Upon the extension of NexClipper Observability with ML-learning-based incident prediction and resolution suggestion using the Bayesian Belief Network, MetricOps will allow for fully automated and intelligent observability.

“When it comes to observability, repetitive tasks require a lot of precious resources. This can lead to human error and system downtime, which is expensive. We aim to help customers minimize their alert noise, free up valuable resources, and reduce cost by providing smart automation. We also developed an intuitive 3D dashboard for bird-eye view of multi-Kubernetes clusters. This will make monitoring user-friendly and allows for quick actions if needed,” explains Jerry Lee, Head of Product at NexClipper.

NexClipper Observability SaaS is at its beta stage and the company is currently showcasing its solutions at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 in Detroit, Michigan, at booth S28. Meetings can be arranged through